Suff Daddy - birdsongs

  • 状態 : 新品
  • フォーマット : CD
  • ジャケットの状態/ディスク本体の状態 : S / S  (?)
  • レーベル : Jakarta
  • プレス国 : EU - Original - JAKARTA099-2
  • 出版年 : 2016
  • 在庫数 : 1
  • 掲載日 2019/08/14
  • Item Identification Number 1145786366

After a couple of years without a new solo release & makin moves with hisBetty Ford Boys Brenk & Dexter, it was time for Suff Daddy to lay anotheregg in the form of a new album entitled „Birdsongs“.Deeply rooted in the Suff Daddy signature sound, it is also proof of anevolutionary process. A little less sample chops, a little more synth, a littleless straight hip hop, a little more melody. This doesn’t mean that you won’tbe able to recognize the bird by its call anymore, it’s just a slight change intonality.After extending his stomping grounds to neighboring European countries byfrequently playing international shows, including a London Boiler Room, healso opened for the mighty Anderson.Paak during his German shows inearly 2016. Suff Daddy also remixed Lion Babe's “Wonder Woman” forGilles Peterson Worldwide. He'll also be featured on the next “Spring inJakarta“ compilation.The album features some of the fellow birds Suff Daddy is known to flywith. Betty Ford Boy's Dexter adds drums and baselines, and MayerHawthorne delivers some vocals. []
Intro What We Do Paper Proclamation Feat. Mayer Hawthorne Feel it Piano John Jammin Macrowave Slow Jam Kater Feat. Dexter Pagne Bird Outro

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