BLUES HARMONICAS - suzuki fire breath mr-500 key d

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  • Format : Divers
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  • Label : Suzuki
  • Référence : JAPAN
  • Année : 2008
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At first sight the Suzuki MR-500 Fire Breath looks very much the Hammond HA-20 with its black finished brass covers, but closer examination reveals a beautifully finished rosewood comb. The reedplates are attached to the comb with just two screws, but the parts fit together perfectly without any of the leakiness often associated with wood combed harps. The outside edges of the comb and the inside of the chambers are treated with a gloss finish that makes for an extremely comfortable playing surface, as well as further reducing the possibility of the wood absorbing any moisture. I've racked up quite a few hours on this instrument and I am so far seeing no signs at all of any warping or swelling. The comb is not the only new feature of these harmonicas. The reedplates are plain brass of standard thickness, with spot-welded reeds of similar sizes to those used in other Suzuki harmonicas. However, the reeds themselves are phosphor bronze with a new profile that Suzuki have recently developed to give a slightly thicker tone than that usually associated with their harmonicas. An additional benefit of the new reed design is that it makes the reeds more stable when the player uses overblows and overdraws. Of course, as with any harmonica, careful adjustment of the reeds is required to get the perfect response for the overblow technique, as everyone's playing style is slightly different. Having said that, the factory adjustment of the samples I received was a good compromise and I think the average player would be more than happy with the response. The tuning of the reeds is also up to Suzuki's usual standard, being in Equal Temperament based around A=442Hz.


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