Nordwind - walhalla ruft! (legale version)

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  • Etat général : original neuf
  • Format : Vinyle 33T Couleur
  • Etat pochette / disque : S / S  (?)
  • Label : Rock-O-Rama Records
  • Pressage : Deutschland
  • Année : 2016
  • Quantité disponible : 1
  • Mis en vente le 16/09/2019
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Orange vinyl.
Legal version!

Here is now finally the first and long out of print disc "Walhalla ruft! The band that brought viking rock to Germany in the 1990s. Now for the first time on vinyl!

In 1995 the Franks drew attention to themselves for the first time, after they stopped their musical activities under the name "Odins Erben" and started from now on under the name "Nordwind" to rock the partially united Germany a few years before. Musically and tonally almost perfectly realized for the conditions at that time and also the textual statements and contents do not miss an opportunity to put the finger on the wound with regard to Vikings, Nordic mythology, but also with regard to social criticism, patriotism and self-irony.

With this Vinylpressing twelve more catchy Nordwind songs in digital remastered version (Vinylmastering) are made accessible for the interested fan or new listener, who wants to rediscover this piece of musical contemporary history for himself or herself. A lively kick into the fattened asses of all politically correct yes-sayers and pitchers of the downfall of our occidental culture! For legal reasons the songs "Johannes Paul" and "Herzlich willkommen" unfortunately had to give way and were replaced by the songs "In Odins Reich" and "Für die Kinder dieser Land", which doesn't harm the listening pleasure at all.

Strictly limited to 499 units, hand-numbered, digitally remastered, only available in orange 12 inch vinyl.


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