BÂ'A - deus qui non mentitur

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  • Etat général : original neuf
  • Format : CD Digipack
  • Etat pochette / disque : S / S  (?)
  • Label : Osmose
  • Pressage : OPCD387 - France
  • Année : 2020
  • Mis en vente le 19/02/2020
  • Référence nº 119795918

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The Bâ'a entity materializes itself in the year 2017 in the south of France, with as only flame the desire to offer a black metal that reconnects with the spirit of the 90's, which is the very heart of inspiration of the formation. It's under the form of a triptychal split album with Hyrgal and Verfallen that the combo unveils its 2 first original compositions, released in 2018 under Les Acteurs de l'Ombre label. The credo of the band is as such : the place of Man in the universe and his relationship towards the Divine. In 2020, they join the Osmose Productions label and sign their first full-length album to date, "Deus Qui Non Mentitur".

Bâ'a is composed of three individuals coming from the French black metal scene. Their stylistic approach is both modern and respectful of the broad lines carved by the essential black metal acts of the 90's. Between devastating riffs, long hypnotic atmospheres, mid-tempo passages flirting with Doom and french vocals chanted as a sermon, their music is epic, melodic and melancholic. At the very heart of the concept and the compositions of the formation lie a central theme : the relationship of Man to the Divine and the damages caused to this connection by Man's selfish pride and Ego. LIMITED EDITION CD DIGIPACK.


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